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Clear voice, through the power of VoIP

  • Unlimited phone $19.99* per month with bundled service or $39.95* per month A la carte
  • Additional unlimited line $24.95* per month
  • Fax line phone $19.95* per month
  • Talk as long as you want to anyone, anytime in the US and Canada

*Requires EMTA Wireless Modem rental, $7.94. Additional charges apply for 411, Operator Assistance, and International calling. Installation and activation fees may apply. Restrictions may apply. Pricing shown does not include federal, state, and local taxes and fees. Prices, packages and features are subject to change. All services are subject to Thames Valley Communications service agreement, terms, and conditions.

We use the digital phone as part of our TVC bundle package. It's reliable and very clear.

K.T., Groton, CT

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Feature Services


Anonymous Call Rejection

Reject incoming callers with directory or identifying Caller ID information displaying “Anonymous”.


Basic Voicemail

Send callers to your own personal Voicemail inbox when you are on another call or not there.


Call Forwarding

Forward calls to another number, when you’re on the phone or if your service is down.


Call Waiting

You’ll hear a short beep if someone calls you while you’re on the phone.


Caller ID

Know the name and numberof the telephone you’re being called from before you answer the call.* *Must provide caller ID box or have phone with Caller ID functionality.


Outbound Caller ID Block

Block your Caller ID information from being displayed when you callsomeone.


Find Me

Forward your calls to up to ten alternate locations.


Call Logs

See who you’ve been calling and who’s been calling you for the past three months.


Voice Mail to Email

Automatically receive new voice mail messages via email.

VoIP Phone Feature Guide

How to dial Internationally

On your phone, dial the country code then dial the city/area code (if any) for the number you’re calling, and then the phone number you are calling.

Example: To call the United Kingdom, 44-123-4567891 (country code-area code-phone number)

Please note, in some cases the country code is shared among countries, e.g. the United States and Canada use country code 1.

For reference, here are the complete International Country Codes list from and the list of International Rates.

Phone Equipment/Fees

  • Non-Publishing Number, $2.95/mo
  • EMTA Wireless Modem Rental, $7.94/mo
  • Digital Phone Activation Fee per line, $29.95
  • Digital Phone Transfer Fee per line, $15
  • Non-Standard Publishing Activation Fee, $9.95