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Fastest Internet - Upto 300 Mbps - Lower Prices - 98% Customer Satisfaction

*Pricing shown does not include federal, state, and local taxes and fees. Prices, packages and features are subject to change. All services are subject to Thames Valley Communications service agreement, terms, and conditions. Restrictions may apply. Learn more about TVC's Docsis 3.0 modems and equipment rentals.

Whole Home Wi-Fi Solution

Maximizing your Wi-Fi speeds, reducing Wi-Fi congestion, improving overall coverage, and capacity by creating a seamless network of access points.

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$2999 per month
  • 6.6 Mbps Down
  • 1 Mbps Up
  • Ideal for email, online shopping and visiting social networks
  • Perfect for streaming on 1-2 devices
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Platinum Best Value

$5999 per month
  • 300 Mbps Down
  • 20 Mbps Up
  • Ideal for streaming multiple devices at once and multiplayer online gaming
  • Perfect for streaming 5+ devices
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Gold Plus

$4999 per month
  • 75 Mbps Down
  • 10 Mbps Up
  • Ideal for streaming video: Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube TV
  • Perfect for streaming 3-5 devices
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TVC Platinum Internet

The 'Gamers and Heavy Streamers' Plan

  • 300 Mbps Download
  • 20 Mbps Upload
  • $59.99 a month*
  • Ideal for streaming on multiple devices and online gaming
  • Requires Cable Modem. Actual speeds may vary and are not guaranteed.

Our lightning fast high speed Internet is the fastest Internet available in Southeastern Connecticut. With the ability to stream multiple devices at once without buffering. Our Platinum Internet is perfect for online gamers, heavy streamers, and families.

Customer Review: TVC's Platinum Internet is the best! I have anywhere from 4-7 devices running at all times in my home and never have to worry about buffering. Great price, excellent service! - JC, Noank, CT

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TVC Gold Internet

The 'Family Favorite' Plan

  • 75 Mbps Download
  • 10 Mbps Upload
  • $49.99 per month*
  • Ideal for streaming video: Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime
  • Requires Cable Modem. Actual speeds may vary and are not guaranteed.

Our Gold Plus Internet package is standard for average home useage, including browsing the Web, streaming your favorite movies and shows, or online shopping.

Customer Review: TVC is fantastic! A MUCH better price for my family and the Internet is fast! - VS, Pawcatuck, CT


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TVC Silver Internet

The 'Speed on a Budget' Plan

  • 6.6 Mbps Download
  • 1 Mbps Upload
  • $29.99 per month*
  • Ideal for emailing and browsing social networks
  • Requires Cable Modem. Actual speeds may vary and are not guaranteed.

Our Silver Internet package is the best value in Southeastern CT! Ideal for web browsing, email, and social media.

Customer Review: The transfer to TVC was easy... and... I have an extra $60 in my bank account every month. - AC, Pawcatuck, CT


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Choosing the right modem... You may purchase a modem from us, rent a modem, or use your own modem. Docsis 3.0 certified modems are recommended to maximize TVC’s Internet speed. Docsis 1.0 and 1.1 modems are not compatible with our network. If you have any questions give our techincal support team a call, we're happy to help.

Finding the right spot...If you use your Wi-Fi throughout your house place the Wi-Fi enabled modem as close to the center of your home as possible. Or if you have a primary media room the Wi-Fi enabled modem should be placed there. This allows you to wire devices that require more bandwidth, such as streaming videos (e.g. Amazon Fire, Roku) or gaming systems (e.g. Xbox, PlayStation), directly into your modem and minimize the wireless needs for these devices.

Don't block your Wi-Fi enabled Internet modem's signal.
  • Avoid placing it in a closet or putting it behind something, such as a TV
  • Don't place it on the floor or low to the ground
  • Don't place it next to windows
Whenever possible, don't run more than one WiFi network in your home using other routers. Devices that connect to more than one network may have trouble keeping a constant connection, and the networks will interfere with one another. Baby monitors, cordless phones and even microwave ovens can also cause interference.

To maximize your Wi-Fi speeds, reduce Wi-Fi congestion, improve overall coverage, and capacity by creating a seamless network of access points try TVC's Whole Home Wi-Fi Solution.