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Descriptive Video Services

TVC passes on DVS (descriptive video service) to its customers in the digital format. In order to receive the DVS service provided by the programmer you will need a set top terminal provided by TVC or a digital tuner in a newer digital tv set made after 2009.

Also if you have a digital tv you will need to do a channel scan in order to pick up all available channels unencrypted from TVC. Please see your owners manual for specific instruction on how to perform a channel scan and how to enable DVS on your tv set. A manual can usually be found online by doing a search of the internet.

If you have a set top box from TVC you will need to go into the menu settings by pressing the menu button on your TVC remote, highlight the house icon and then press enter, then scroll down to select setup, scroll down and select audio setup, with default audio track on the first line press the arrow right button to select Español, then scroll down one to descriptive video service and press the right arrow once to select “on”. You’re done.

Below are some links to find out when DVS programming is available from the broadcaster.