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COVID-19 Update – We’re Keeping You Connected

Dear TVC Customers:

We hope you are keeping safe as the events surrounding COVID-19 continue to evolve.

Amidst so much uncertainty, we are more committed than ever to keeping our services running smoothly, while also keeping our team members, customers and communities safe.

To limit the spread of the coronavirus, we have discontinued all front-counter service at our Groton location. Please know that there is an online payment option available to our customers that is convenient and easy to use:

If you’re already enrolled in online bill pay, you can pay online 24/7 by visiting our website at TVCconnect.

If you haven’t signed up for online bill pay, it’s simple. You’ll just need your Thames Valley Communications account number (see the top right side section of your monthly invoice for your account number; if you’re unsure what your account number is, just give us a call and we can help).

Once you’re signed up or logged on, you can view your account details and manage your account at any time, make one-time payments via check or credit card, and even set up automatic, recurring payments so that you don’t have to worry about it each month.

In the meantime, we are taking seriously the vital role we play in our customers’ lives, because we know that it has never been more important to provide you with uninterrupted access to the things you need so that you can do the things you need to do.

Whether you’re working from home or going to school from the comfort of your bed, here are some tips to keeping business as usual:

• Set up a dedicated work space – You’re going to need more than just a good connection to get in the right mindset.

• Make a gametime call – Believe us when we say an emoji can be taken the wrong way. Sometimes an old-fashioned phone call is the best way to resolve issues quickly since email, text, IM, can be misunderstood.

• Dress for success – You’ll feel more motivated. Plus, your teammates don’t need to see your old track t-shirt when you video chat.

• Take breaks – Good news: your home has the best break room of all. Challenge yourself to find a cat video you haven’t already seen, finish the series you may or may not have started yesterday, go to a museum on a virtual tour, take an on-demand workout class, or let your imagination travel far into a new book on your tablet.

• Know when to turn it off – Having access to the world 24/7 is what our dreams are made of at TVC. But sometimes you’ve got to turn it off to turn your sanity back on.


Your Thames Valley Communications Team