In addition to clear calls and increased reliability, your phone service includes 16 FREE calling features!
With Call Waiting, Caller ID, Find Me, Voicemail and more, now it costs even less to stay connected.



Anonymous Call Rejection Reject incoming callers with directory or identifying Caller ID information displaying “Anonymous”. Anonymous callers will hear an intercept message when they call your number.
Basic Voice mail Send callers to your own personal Voice mail inbox when you are on another call, not there, or just too busy
Call Forward Always Forward your calls to another number for all incoming calls.
Call Forward Don’t Answer If you don’t answer after 5 rings, your calls will be forwarded to a designated number.
Call Forward Busy When your line is busy, your calls will be forwarded to a designated number.
Call Forward Not Reachable If your phone modem is offline or cable service is down you can forward your home calls to another number, like your cell phone. This way you won’t miss those important home phone calls!
Call Waiting You’ll hear a short beep if someone calls you while you’re on the phone. Know who’s calling you and decide whether or not to answer the incoming call while the first caller holds.
Caller ID Your friends will think you’re a good sleuth. Know the name and numberof the telephone you’re being called from before you answer the call.* *Must provide caller ID box or have phone with Caller ID functionality.
Outbound Caller ID Block Block your Caller ID information from being displayed when you callsomeone.
Find Me Forward your calls to up to ten alternate locations.
Call Logs See who you’ve been calling and who’s been calling you for the past three months.
Voice Mail to Email Automatically receive new voice mail messages via email
Speed Dial Call your mom frequently? Program her number on speed dial and press only 2 digits to make the call.
Do Not Disturb Busy and just don’t want to be disturbed? Callers will receive a message stating you are busy and be sent to your Voice mail.
Call Block Block specific telephone numbers that you don’t want to ring through to your home.
Message Waiting Indicator Receive notifications when you have received a new Voice mail message

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