The easiest way to check your Internet speed connection using your computer or mobile device.

We recommend testing your TVC Internet speed on your computer by connecting directly to your TVC modem. Testing on your Tablet or smart phone over your wireless connection may provide inaccurate results.

How to steps:

1: Connect your computer directly to your modem via an ethernet cable.

2: Either disconnect your WiFi router or turn off your WiFi.

3: On your computer close all applications including streaming video/music and video gaming systems.

4: Run the TVC Internet Speed Test tool.


Q: Why are my wireless speeds slower than my direct wired connection speeds?

A: There are several variables that may impact your speed when you’re connected to the Internet through a wireless (WiFi) network.

  • how many devices are being run on your network at the same time,
  • the distance between the router and the connecting devices, building wall thickness and type (ie steel, cement),
  • bandwidth and signal settings,
  • weather,
  • number of active adjacent WiFi networks sharing same wireless channel

For video streaming and online gaming TVC recommends directly connecting your device to your modem.

Q: Can I test my TVC Internet speed using my mobile device?

A: Yes. On your mobile device go to and run the TVC Internet Speed Test tool. For the most accurate speed results we recommend connecting your computer directly to your modem and running the test directly connected. You will likely receive lower speed results on your mobile device.

Q: Does TVC guarantee my Internet speed will be the same as my subscription tier?

A: No. TVC does not guarantee that the results of the Speed Test will match your plan tier 100% of the time. There are a number of things that are out of TVC’s control which may impact your speed;

  • the quality of your home network connection,
  • third party networks you may be connected to,
  • the processing power of your personal computing devices,
  • the performance quality of websites you visit, and internet congestion.

Speed test results vary based on;

  • individual’s browser,
  • browser version,
  • operating system,
  • computer’s processing power,
  • network connection.

For example: Running the speed test using Chrome (latest version) on an iOS will show download speeds are slower than if ran using FireFox (latest version) on an iOS.

If you have any questions regarding your Internet speed please contact our Technical Support team at 860-446-4009.